Lightbox Ads

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Role: Storyboard, UI, Layout, Animation. Tools: After Effects, Illustrator.

Lightbox ads allows brands to use their existing creative assets to make engaging ads that display on any device or screen size. This animation demonstrates how seamless it is to build ads with a few images, maps, and/or videos.

Charles Schwab App

Role: Layout Design, App UI, UX. Tools: Sketch, Photoshop.

A Samsung tablet app was created for Charles Schwab's golf tour sponsorship, as part of their hospitality experience. The goal was to create a unified interactive tool to showcase content from multiple Schwab and golf centric applications and websites.

Global Education Symposium

Role: Design, Interaction, Animation. Tools: Illustrator, After Effects.

Layout UI design and UX motion comp were created for a single page scrolling site that showcases documents and videos. These youtube videos and PDFs explain how schools and universities around the world are using Google products and services like Chromebook and Docs to improve education.

Winery Map Touch App

Role: Design, Cartography, Interaction. Tools: Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop.

A transparent LCD app created for Kistler Vineyards which showcases 14 vineyards through an interactive map. Each point on the map is a hot spot that launches a vineyard page with wine information and photos.

Light Cloud Data App

Role: App UI, Illustrations, Animation. Tools: After Effects, Illustrator.

A Nexus tablet app that controls the lighting (colors and patterns) of a cloud light sculpture. In the animation, users can see how the app not only sends their interactions as data to the lightbulbs, but also uploads and saves this data to the Cloud Platform. The Cloud Platform then delivers this information to local servers that presents it in the form of a data visualisation at the event.

Each Inc Logo

Role: Design, Illustration. TOOLS: Illustrator, Photoshop.

Design and identity work for Each Inc, a non-profit group whose goal is to provide the knowledge and technical support for those who are working to care for and protect children around the world.

Think Brand Tablet App

Role: Layout Design, App UI, UX. Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop.

A Nexus 10 app created for Think Brand NYC. Users can navigate between two menus (what people care about vs what they are buying) to gain insights on user search interests. By understanding how and what people are searching for, advertisers can use this information to build better brand awareness.

Various Icon Sets

Role: Design, Illustration. Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop.

Icons created while working on projects for Visa, Google, and ENDWI.

I am an interactive, user experience, and motion designer. At MICA, I studied graphic design and 3D animation. I enjoy problem solving, storytelling, working with type, coding, and making work for the dynamic screen. Contact me about any collaborations or opportunities.

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