Cloud Data App

ROLE — App UI, Illustrations, Motion. TOOLS — After Effects, Illustrator.

A Nexus tablet app that controls the lighting (colors and patterns) of a cloud shaped structure. In the animation, users can see how the app not only sends data to the lightbulbs, but also to the main cloud. The cloud then delivers this information to local servers that presents it in the form of a data visualisation.

Lightbox Ads

ROLE — Storyboard, UI, Layout, Motion. TOOLS — After Effects, Illustrator.

Lightbox ads allows brands to use their existing creative assets to make engaging ads that display on any device or screen size. This animation demonstrates how seamless it is to build ads with a few images, maps, and/or videos.

Winery Map Touch App

ROLE — Design, Illustration, Interactive. TOOLS — Illustrator, Photoshop.

A transparent LCD app which showcases 14 vineyards through an interactive map. Each point on the map is a hot spot that launches a vineyard page with wine information and photos.

UMD Medical Center

ROLE — Design, Illustrations, Motion. TOOLS — After Effects, Illustrator.

A motion graphic piece created for UMD's Cancer Center, which explains why it's one of the best cancer research, patient care, and treatment programs. The role included script, design, storyboard, illustrations, animation, and audio.

Global Education Symposium

ROLE — Design, Interaction, Animation. TOOLS — Illustrator, After Effects.

Each Inc Logo

ROLE — Design, Illustration. TOOLS — Illustrator, Photoshop.

Side Projects

To This Day Part 3

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ROLE — Design, Motion, 3D animation. TOOLS — After Effects, Cinema 4D

To This Day is a collaborative animated poem about the lasting impact of bullying. In this 20 sec animation, an isometric perspective of the rooms and objects that are symbolized in the poem are depicted to express the author's emotions.

File Sync App UI

ROLE — App Product UI. TOOLS — Illustrator, Photoshop.

This user profile explores the usability and information hierarchy of a cloud hosting service. The profile includes recent file activity, user info, account details, and a contacts section.

BAM 2011 Next Wave Festival

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ROLE — Motion, Web, 3D, Branding. TOOLS — AE, C4D, HTML, CSS.

A promotional video and an animated trailer, created for the 2011 Next Wave Festival, are intended to be projected on large screens at the events and used to promote the festival on the BAM website.

House of Leaves, A Filmic Investigation

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ROLE — Motion, Web, 3D, Branding. TOOLS — AE, 3DS Max, HTML, CSS

An investigation of the complex novel, House of Leaves, included designing and animating a title sequence, promotional trailers, and a website. The visual language and audio tracks not only represent the architecture, but also the parallel narratives and the psychological nature of the story.

I am a motion and user experience designer. At MICA, I studied graphic design and 3D animation. I enjoy problem solving, storytelling, working with type, coding, and making work for the dynamic screen. Contact me about any collaborations or opportunities.

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